Family Lifestyle

   Butterfly Kisses, Story Time, Bear Hugs, and Tickle Fights. Those moments are so special and they are so real. They are moments that we all experience with our parents as children and as parents with our children. A lot of times they are spontaneous. And so often they are moments in our memories that warm our hearts that over time we find we forget.

That’s where Lifestyle Photography comes in. It’s a style of photography that captures your family just as you are on a daily basis in those moments we wish we had a camera at hand to capture and remember. With very little posing, and more gentle suggesting we can take a sweet moment and seal it forever as a memory. By keeping things relaxeIMG_9938Copyd, and working in your home, together we will create family connection that will tell a story for years to come.

*These sessions typically take 1 Hour to complete. But if you have very young children, please consider additional time in order to get all of the shots you would want as often they tend to need some time to get comfortable in front of the camera and may require breaks between shot set ups.

 Newborn Family Lifestyle

A Newborn Family Lifestyle is very similar to the Family LIMG_1165copyifestyle sessions with the added focus on the Newborn in the family. These sessions are best done with the newborn being between the ages of 10 days to 3 weeks old. We focus on family photos, siblings, and of course just baby time.

* These sessions typically take a longer period of time to complete. To ensure baby is happy we naturally stop to take the time for diaper changes, feedings and fussy periods. Younger siblings often need to have breaks as well so its best to plan for a session to take 2 hours and possibly more depending on how the flow goes.



The Golden Hour

What are the “Golden Hours” when it pertains to photography? Well, these sessions take place when the light is best for Outdoor Portrait Photography. This would take place following the hours of  Sunrise & the hours leading up to Sunset. This is when the sun is low in the sky casting a warm soft light that is flattering to those being photographed.

If you are a Senior looking for some year end photos prior to Graduation, this would be the perfect time for you!! Families, Couples, Expecting Moms should all consider these times if you are looking for something Outdoors.

IMG_0318Copy* These sessions typically take an 1 Hour to complete. If you have a larger family group you may want to consider a longer session to accommodate every family member.




If you are looking for something a little more on the spicy side, maybe to give as a gift for that special person in your life, than a Boudoir session may be for you. These are done in your home, where you can feel comfortable in your own space. We do numerous outfit changes, as well as room locations to give you a variety of images to choose from.

IMG_9508Copy*You must be 18 years and older to be able to do a Boudoir Session.

*Sessions typically take 1 Hour to complete. If you have numerous outfits you may want to plan for a longer session to accommodate this time.



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